The team behind the research project

In May of this year, the research project “Energy Projects in Münsterland: Strategies of Legitimacy Communication and their Impact” was launched. In this blog post we would like to introduce you to the team behind the project.

The project is being carried out in the Department of Strategic Communication II under the direction of Prof. Dr. Helena Stehle. Her research focuses on strategic communication, organisational communication, and sustainability and energy communication, and she has been researching communication related to energy and infrastructure projects for more than ten years.

Dr. Bernadette Uth completed her doctorate in 2021 on the topic of trust building in journalism and contributes her expertise to the project as a postdoctoral researcher, particularly in the area of trust research. Julia Lührmann has been working as a research assistant at the department since October 2021. She brings expertise from the research areas of organisational communication, media use and media effects. Johanna Heckert and Isabell Klawitter are Master students in strategic communication at the University of Münster and support the project as student assistants.

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